Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Even Make Myself Cringe

I've been thinking about getting in on the Youtube video blog fad. First off i need a camera, and i didn't feel like asking to borrow the camcorder 'so i can upload videos of myself to the internet'. I have three or four quid scattered around my desks in here and that's gotta last me until i get a new job, which may take a while. I could spend it on spice or pop, or i could buy batteries for my digital camera. I didn't know if my cameras was shite or not so i went looking round my PC for any movies i'd recorded with it and i found one: A movie which was intended to go on the internet from conception.

The movie is not exactly good, but that's irrelevent. It's fully legal, so i can actually upload it without noobs bitching me.

While watching it i realised a few things. I can't sing, and Bo was right; we have really nerdy ideas of what might be fun. While most kids my age are taking drugs and breaking laws, we went on a cross country bike ride.

So, without further ado. Me and Sneakers riding down the mud track near the cricket fields....

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