Monday, December 03, 2007

Stop giving Kane & Lynch bad reviews.

Ok, so there's drama in the world of video games right now. Gamespot, sorry ex-Gamespot editor Jeff Gerstmann, is rumoured to have been fired from his post for giving a game the site advertised a bad review. While i'm willing to believe this is the case but i'm not really ready to take to the streets about it yet. I mean how embarrassing is it gonna be all round if it turns out that he happened to get caught with drugs at work or leaking games onto usenet around the same time he reviewed Kane & Lynch. The review is kind of harsh as games reviews go and can be found here; The overall score was on the low side(6/10) of the average review score for this game, but it's not exceptionally low or out of line of the metacritic score(6.7/10).

Now onto the point of this post. Now wherever players get to post their own reviews of video games i'm seeing countless 0/10 or 1/10 scores from people that somehow think they're show support for Mr Gerstmann. Now the average user review score is 2.2/10 on metacritic and 2.6 on Gamespot, all with short and sweet comments taken straight from the review that apparently got Gerstmann fired. The people that are posting these reviews need to stop. People use review scores to help them when buying games and you're doing harm to them and the people that made the game. I know that if people read this, some would be now saying to themselves "good" at harming the developers. The developers did nothing wrong unless you count making a possibly forgettable game as wrong. If the rumour is true only the people at the top of gamespot and thier advertising partners can be to blame. This should not effect the customer, the game developers, not even the publishers.

So, quit giving this game bad misleading reviews because you're not harming anybody but the people that have nothing to do with the politics of this.

Monday, July 02, 2007

God and Gordon Brown Spirit of Dunkirk Powerwank Conspiracy

Still working on the proper flood thing....

God and Gordon Brown Spirit of Dunkirk Powerwank Conspiracy

Still working on the proper flood thing....

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Great Flood

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nearly killed Danny's car and according to revver this was no accident.

Everywhere is flooding because of the stupid, stupid rain. For about a mile after this video we couldn't get to 30mph. The first time we hit one of these fjords was going about 45, which is really more scary than it sounds.