Sunday, April 23, 2006


They kind of pissed me off right now.

I keep getting these ads telling me to buy the "booster pack" euro force. Ten dollars for three new maps. That's right, three, not enough to warrant a digit.

I'm confused about the reasoning behind this. I mean, like, i know it's to get every last penny they can squeeze out of loyal fans of the series.

OK, the thing that pisses me off is; Battlefield 2 isn't ready for this. i don't know about everyone else who works like this, with episodes being released over the internet, but i do know some.

Two other games i'm a big fan of are Half-life 2 and Guild wars. Both of these games have a working method of patching and such. You could say they have my blessing to release in bits, because they don't piss me off.

On the other hand. I just reinstalled battlefield 2, patched it with the patch, I had to look hard for, to try and find a HTTP source that wasn't a pay service or slow as an episode of lost.

I then installed Battlefield 2: special forces. When i tried to join some games, after waiting well over 5 minutes for the games to load, i was kicked and banned, from two servers. I haven't so much as explored the install directory so i'm gonna go ahead and presume this is because i didn't install in the right order. So i've started installing the patch again, and this is why i'm writing this. Whatever the system the use to patch games is locks me out of doing much more than typing for ten minutes.

I guess what i've been trying to say is. I'll never pay for such small updates unless it's at least convenient. Battlefield has never been about convenience. I can't even play the game until, I find the patches an mods and install them, then i have at least 15 minutes doing absolutely nothing while the game patches and configures shaders.

Just look at other games people. Call of Duty and Half-Life don't even make you so much as click anything while they download and organise Levels and minimods. It's as simple as joining a game. Guild Wars and many other MMOs patch on the fly too.

K, ready to try again now. i know this is badly written, so, meh.

Conclusion: EA, do some research, or at least try and see things from a gamers perspective before trying to rip us off <_<

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