Tuesday, November 08, 2005

An Open Letter to Fellow Journos Regarding Jack Thompson - Kotaku

An Open Letter to Fellow Journos Regarding Jack Thompson - Kotaku: "Regarding Jack Thompson, we all know three things:
A). He is a moron.
B). Our readers despise him.
C). See above.

At a certain point however, a man moves beyond someone to be despised and becomes someone merely to ignore. That time has come.

Currently, Thompson’s legal career might be kaputz, and I really could care less. Even if the President of the United States accuses Thompson of treason and threatens to deport the man, I don’t give a rat’s ass. Don’t tell me, tip me or let me know. Personally and professionally, I could care less.

Fellow journos, I have a proposition: Let’s not cover Jack Thompson. Is he worth it? Couldn’t we be spending our time covering something worthwhile and constructive? Even writing this pains me, because I know I could be blogging about a million other things. A million better things. I can’t speak for the other Kotaku editors, but I am not going to blog the guy ever again.

Granted, Thompson has filled a role in the gaming inverse. He’s our Darth Vader. Gamers hate Jack because of everything he represents. I hate Thompson because he wastes time and energy. Every time he does something boneheaded or says something idiotic, I have to shift through those posts to get proper gaming news. So, for God’s sake everyone, please let’s turn a blind eye, a cold shoulder. He won’t go away, but we won’t be giving him a forum to spread his crap. And if enough of us do it, he’ll face something he fears worse than Hot Coffee Part 2. He’ll face anonymity.

n00b. the term is couldn't care less. i know no-one will ever read this but, i could care less about eating, i could care less about dying, i could care less about battlefield 2, i couldn't care less about some ambulance chaser. call yourself a journo!?


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