Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Old Tape

We came up with the idea for a website of us doing silly things on video well over a year ago. We've two full video tapes of the old Jackass rip-offery teenage boys are famous for putting up on the internet. It's bizarre that I see kids acting up on tape, as ripping off jackass. When Jackass went big, me feelings were that it's nothing new. As poor kids before our parents could afford a Nintendo, we were stealing shopping trolleys and crashing them and jumping off buildings. Never on tape, but it's how we entertained ourselves back in the day.

Anyway, before i turned into a snooty cunt that tried to make political parodies so obscure they don't even seem to be comedy anymore; We blew things up, and hurt eachother for fun. We have hours of it, mostly shite that could be cut down to a tolerable 5 minute compilation with some generic royalty free rock music in the background.

I'm currently working on a sketch, but i just can't bring myself to talk to myself, so i don't know how long it will be until it reaches the internet. Until then, enjoy this.

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