Saturday, June 17, 2006

LoL.. It's a dog in a T-shirt

A few days ago, I was emo enough to make a pretty personal post about my dying dog. Immediately i felt i probably should take it down. Like when i tried to start a war on the revver forum, or made an incredibly awkward video about government, racism and money. That last video happened to play off a video by a man i'm a genuinly big fan of, who goes by the name of Sean 'Bedlam' Burke. He saw the video and felt then need to post a slightly condescending comment (No offence, i just have low self esteem XD ).

Anyway, enough of the awkwardness...

My dog is acting pretty normal now. Back when i made that post we all thought it was his last night with us. Now though, he's pretty much beaten the infection and runs round getting in the way and generally being a pain in the arse. Good stuff.

By the way. The vet told us that putting a T-shirt on him would stop infections from him licking himself.

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