Monday, June 26, 2006

Two of a whole bunch.

Sorry for tardiness. i'm knackered.

First video is a little rant at people that try to be anti-racist. It's something i've argued with people about for ages, but i've never managed to put it so gracefully as sean does here...

Second video, is a video, about making videos. Fact.

Peace out and shit. 'til the morrow.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Basically, my life is crazay. Here's me trying to explain away dressing the dog like a person.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

LoL.. It's a dog in a T-shirt

A few days ago, I was emo enough to make a pretty personal post about my dying dog. Immediately i felt i probably should take it down. Like when i tried to start a war on the revver forum, or made an incredibly awkward video about government, racism and money. That last video happened to play off a video by a man i'm a genuinly big fan of, who goes by the name of Sean 'Bedlam' Burke. He saw the video and felt then need to post a slightly condescending comment (No offence, i just have low self esteem XD ).

Anyway, enough of the awkwardness...

My dog is acting pretty normal now. Back when i made that post we all thought it was his last night with us. Now though, he's pretty much beaten the infection and runs round getting in the way and generally being a pain in the arse. Good stuff.

By the way. The vet told us that putting a T-shirt on him would stop infections from him licking himself.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Old Tape

We came up with the idea for a website of us doing silly things on video well over a year ago. We've two full video tapes of the old Jackass rip-offery teenage boys are famous for putting up on the internet. It's bizarre that I see kids acting up on tape, as ripping off jackass. When Jackass went big, me feelings were that it's nothing new. As poor kids before our parents could afford a Nintendo, we were stealing shopping trolleys and crashing them and jumping off buildings. Never on tape, but it's how we entertained ourselves back in the day.

Anyway, before i turned into a snooty cunt that tried to make political parodies so obscure they don't even seem to be comedy anymore; We blew things up, and hurt eachother for fun. We have hours of it, mostly shite that could be cut down to a tolerable 5 minute compilation with some generic royalty free rock music in the background.

I'm currently working on a sketch, but i just can't bring myself to talk to myself, so i don't know how long it will be until it reaches the internet. Until then, enjoy this.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rightfully Emo

Things are pretty fucked right now.

On sunday, my dog Alfred escaped. not an odd thing for him. He does it all too often.

He was running round up the street, presumably to the fields where he chases hares. For some reason he tried to jump over a wrought iron gate. He didn't quite make it, he implaed himself on a blunted spike and hung until somebody found him and lifted him off. Whoever it was who rescued him went to phone a vet, and during this time Alfred managed to get to his feet and run away down the fields. He lost a lot of blood, i'd guess a couple of pints. The street needed hosing down, and there was a trail of blood that went about 100 metres before ending at what i presume to be be two blood clots. About a dozen of us searched for four or five hours and couldn't find any signs of him. I ended up giving a farmer my phone number and asking him to phone if he saw anything.

That night i'd come to believe he'd collapsed in the rape seed or something and we wouldn't see him alive again.

On monday, more or less 24 hours after the original incident i got a phone call from the farmer. He said he'd just seen Alfred run accross his yard and behind one of the farm buildings. I set off straight away, in the rain, to the farm to see if i could track him down. When i got there, somebody pointed me in the direction they saw him go. He was lying in a pile of leaves in a sort of barn thing. I'm presuming he was in shock and dehydrated from the hot weather. We managed to get him to stand up and walk to a van. He didn't look as bad as we were expecting, the wound was right next to his peen and didn't look to have damaged any vital organs.

Once we got him home, i figured it'd probably be best to give him milk with a little sugar in, to replace the blood he lost. He drank up about a pint of it and managed to get some sleep in a comfortable bed, while my mam went about organising getting him to the vets. It was too late last night, so we took him in this afternoon. The vet said the wound was infected, took blood samples and shit and gave us some antibiotics to give him.

A few hours ago he was crying, so i took him down the garden to see if he needed to piss or anything. The poor sod kept tripping over the stones and could barely cock his leg up. He ended up pissing with his legs in a position that i supposed can only be described as half way through a stride, with his back legs as far apart as possible. I think he figured this was the only way he could piss without getting it on his legs.

When he got back in, he went to his bed and was ok for a while until he started crying again. He's been moaning and hyperventilating pretty badly, until he got up and fell asleep by my mums side. Now he's breathing pretty normally again.

The whole situation is pretty fucked up. He's 15 years old and he suffers when he runs too much. Now he's fighting infection and an open stab wound, i'm not even sure if he'll make the night.

I'm gonna end by saying how thankful i am to all the people who helped track him down and rescue him. I'm sorry i neglected him. If i walked him as much as i was supposed to, he wouldn't have to run away on his own. He wouldn't have injured himself, and a street full of people wouldn't have had to see such a disturbing scene.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I shouldn't do this

Made me laugh.

Maybe i should start a second blog or something, just for this guy

Edit: unlike me, you people probably have lives so won't understand this.

Here's how it is. On YouTube there are certain people who have achieved a sort of celebrity status. SexxieBeBe for dancing like a whore. EmoKid21Ohio for being a whiney little pussy. BowieChick for being a glebe.

This guy, Rendier has been banned several times for calling everyone cunts.

Everything Sucks

Over the last few days, me and Sean made a few sketches to upload to Revver and put on here. I was running low on hard-drive space so i played around with the codecs used to rip the video from the camcorder.

Basically the main feature, and the funnier but canned version of it are lost forever. Ben and Sean decided it'd be a good idea to talk shit on camera for an hour- recording over two days work. I can't blame it all on them, i fucked the codecs but meh.

PS, here's what I could salvage

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


As it says in the video. The original Jesse Macbeth film was uploaded and featured on Youtube in three different parts, then deleted so quickly i couldn't get the third. Maybe i shouldn't have wasted 30 seconds leaving a sarcastic comment, meh. If you don't know about this guy, you might wanna check out the original, otherwise this won't make much sense at all...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Barbecue Video-Review

You know when you're intoxicated and you have that awesome idea? well we followed through on it. The video turned out to be quite long or quite short, so we ended doing two versions. The long version, with about 50 seconds cut out much to my dismay was edited by Sean and still wieghs in at about six and a half minutes. I figured most people wouldn't last 'til the advert at the end with only this version, so i made a sort of preview clip to put on here. You can probably stay awake through it, and even reach the ad for some better stuff. I'm not allowed to say "click the ad" by the way. Click Fraud is serious and i don't wanna lose my account >_<

Full Video>

Super Awesome News

I finally got word back from EA. they're now my favourite publisher evar.

They say it's ok to put videos from games up on the internet, but it's upto the site if it's allowed. So basically EA gave me permission to use Dunno if i can be bothered to get in contact with revver though. I almost feel bad for bothering them last time about it. Maybe in week or so, I have an idea for a sketch that requires Battlefield: Vietnam.