Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i made my soup rawk by giving it flowers


i couldn't sleep because i be hungry as a person who's only eaten a chip butty and some toast all day. so then like i made a cheapo kwik-save cuppa soup 'cause i couldn't be arsed to do proper (campbells rocking condensed) soup. then i realised, WE DON'T GOT NO BREAD!!1. not even cheap happy shopper crap.

now because the cuppa soup (or however it's spelt) is cheap, it was just salt yellow water. i then put some flour in and it rawkzors.

now when will you learn to stop reading these?

An Open Letter to Fellow Journos Regarding Jack Thompson - Kotaku

An Open Letter to Fellow Journos Regarding Jack Thompson - Kotaku: "Regarding Jack Thompson, we all know three things:
A). He is a moron.
B). Our readers despise him.
C). See above.

At a certain point however, a man moves beyond someone to be despised and becomes someone merely to ignore. That time has come.

Currently, Thompson’s legal career might be kaputz, and I really could care less. Even if the President of the United States accuses Thompson of treason and threatens to deport the man, I don’t give a rat’s ass. Don’t tell me, tip me or let me know. Personally and professionally, I could care less.

Fellow journos, I have a proposition: Let’s not cover Jack Thompson. Is he worth it? Couldn’t we be spending our time covering something worthwhile and constructive? Even writing this pains me, because I know I could be blogging about a million other things. A million better things. I can’t speak for the other Kotaku editors, but I am not going to blog the guy ever again.

Granted, Thompson has filled a role in the gaming inverse. He’s our Darth Vader. Gamers hate Jack because of everything he represents. I hate Thompson because he wastes time and energy. Every time he does something boneheaded or says something idiotic, I have to shift through those posts to get proper gaming news. So, for God’s sake everyone, please let’s turn a blind eye, a cold shoulder. He won’t go away, but we won’t be giving him a forum to spread his crap. And if enough of us do it, he’ll face something he fears worse than Hot Coffee Part 2. He’ll face anonymity.

n00b. the term is couldn't care less. i know no-one will ever read this but, i could care less about eating, i could care less about dying, i could care less about battlefield 2, i couldn't care less about some ambulance chaser. call yourself a journo!?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

my car pwns you

so uhhh, where is this picture?

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if yeah, that'll do me :happy:

wtf? no happy!?

jus testing


ghey story

A farmer needed an extra hand to help on his farm. One young man came to interview for the job. “What are your qualifications?” the farmer asked. “I can sleep when the wind blows, “ the young man said. This simple reply confused the farmer, but he was desperate for help and the young man was hired.

The young man was a diligent worker through the harvest season, but the farmer still questioned his answer.

Autumn ended and the first cold storm of winter came late one night. The farmer panicked as the winds began to blow. Calling the young man for help, the farmer grabbed his coat and pulled heavy boots on his feet. He was disappointed to find the young man asleep in bed at a time like this. Grudgingly he ventured out alone planning to shuffle all of the animals in the barn and then fix that last hole in the roof. He mumbled about the young man sleeping and was sure all the farm equipment was left standing in the field, collecting rust from the snow.

However, when the farmer reached the barn all the animals were tucked safely inside. In fact, clean hay had already been set out for the new day. Not a single hole could be found in the roof, and the tractor was parked perfectly in the shed.

“Who could have done it?” the farmer wondered. And then he realized what the young man’s answer meant, “I can sleep when the wind blows.”

thanks to gripper

still don't get it

msn sucks teh balls

i kinda lyke am posting here because i'm upset at msn blogging shit sucking balls. blogs suck balls anyway, but because i wasn't satisfied being unsatisfied on that so i came here to realise blogs suck teh balls more than microsoft networks. 'k?